Decouple an App From the OS Before You Move to the Cloud

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Yep, I play Pokémon Go.  I take joy walking around the neighborhood and in strange towns catching a Pinsir, Ponyta, or Growlithe or two (though I have to put up with those pesky Ekans, Paras and Spearows).  You see, I play Pokémon Go for …er, um,… research purposes.  I can’t help but to imagine how organizations can leverage “augmented reality[1],” the secret sauce behind Pokémon Go, to deliver analytic insights and recommendations to key business constituents in a way that is more direct and actionable (not to mention measurable). In previous blogs (see “Analytics, Meet the User Experience” and “Store Manager Actionable Dashboard”), I discussed how critical it was to the success of your big data initiatives that you identify and understand upfront how to deliver the analytic insights and recommendations in a manner that is actionable (and measurable).   Virtual an... (more)

CloudFucius Has: Déjà Vu and Amnesia…

…at the same time!  Wow, faster than you can mutter, ‘Survey Says…’ more cloud computing survey results appear.  Just last week, CloudFucius reported on 4 cloud surveys which confirmed the trend of our Love/Hate Relationship with the cloud.  Before the week was over, a couple more surveys reiterated our feelings toward cloud computing.  We love it since it helps IT with cost control, yet we’re still very cautious about deployments due to the concerns about security and control. The results of the Eighth Annual Global Information Security Survey were released last week and once a... (more)

The F5 Powered Cloud

F5 products and solutions enable organizations and cloud providers alike to build a strong infrastructure foundation that maximizes the use of resources while remaining agile enough to support both traditional and cloud computing architectures. The dynamic nature of F5 products enables organizations to build a cloud computing architecture that best suits their needs—whether the end goal is a public cloud offering or a private cloud implementation.  Running time: 28:30   Read full white paper here.   Download now or listen on posterous AudioWP_-_The_F5_Powered_Cloud.mp3 (31187 KB)... (more)

Deploying F5 Application Ready Solutions with VMware View 4.0

VMware View is the leading desktop virtualization solution built for delivering desktops as a managed service.  F5 offers a variety of Application Ready Solutions to help organizations maximize the success of VMware View desktop projects. As a VMware partner, F5 has thoroughly tested and documented the benefits of using our Application Delivery Networks with VMware View 4.0. F5 solutions include secure access, single- sign-on, load balancing, and server health monitoring. F5 BIG‑IP® devices optimize the user experience and help ensure maximum performance, availability, and secu... (more)

The Risk Problem: 'If It Ain’t Broke . . . It Will Be'

The battle cry of IT brinksmanship, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," means that risk has triumphed over cost. This fate is commonplace for legacy applications which can be found sitting on an outdated/unsupported box, running on ancient OS sporting a "Do Not Touch" sign. Not important enough to fix; too important to fail. These applications are at risk of failure.  And everyone knows it. AppZero offers an alternative that changes the risk/cost math by eliminating the risk at a slashed cost/effort - with no re-engineering or coding required. Over the last few years, we have hel... (more)

The Encrypted Elephant in the Cloud Room

Anyone who’s been around cryptography for a while understands that secure key management is a critical foundation for any security strategy involving encryption. Back in the day it was SSL, and an entire industry of solutions grew up specifically aimed at protecting the key to the kingdom – the master key. Tamper-resistant hardware devices are still required for some US Federal security standards under the FIPS banner, with specific security protections at the network and software levels providing additional assurance that the ever important key remains safe. In many cases it’s ... (more)