Decouple an App From the OS Before You Move to the Cloud

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The impact of emerging technologies has taken the business by storm. Everyone is familiar with Virtual Reality and 360-degree virtual reality. The immersive experience offered by these emerging technologies have replaced the way people shopped, interact and have fun. Though, the virtual reality and 360-degree virtual reality are new in the marketing arena. Therefore, most of the marketers are not familiar with how to incorporate into marketing and sale strategy. The survival of any business in today’s world is only possible by integrating emerging technologies within the organization. In this article, we are going to discuss how to incorporate VR in your marketing campaigns. Create Compelling Stories Virtual reality is all about the immersive and mesmerizing experience that instigates the users. The big giants like YouTube and Facebook are already into 360-degree VR ... (more)

The Reality of AR and VR | @ExpoDX #AI #DX #IoT #DigitalTransformation

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have been the subject of much discourse in the last several years. They were widely anticipated in the gaming and entertainment industries, but in marketing and corporate settings, the benefits were murky at best. Today, these technologies are becoming more of a reality in all areas of business. For example, the new IKEA® shopping app leverages augmented reality to help shoppers determine how certain popular items will look in their homes - no trip to a crowded megastore necessary. Marriott® deployed virtual reality for customers to see its hotel rooms around the world without having to actually travel, and KFC® and Walmart® are using virtual reality to train employees before they begin working. These use cases are interesting for consumers and for business leaders alike, but while the hype factor is as high as ever, ... (more)

AppZero Founder Launches Virtual Application Appliances Topic on Ulitzer

Greg O'Connor, President & CEO of AppZero launched today Virtual Application Appliances (VAA) topic on Ulitzer. O'Connor is pioneering the Virtual Application Appliance approach to simplifying application-lifecycle management. He is responsible for translating AppZero's vision into strategic business objectives and financial results. He has over 25 years of management and technical experience in the computer industry. Greg was founder and president of Sonic Software, acquired in 2005 by Progress Software (PRGS). There he grew the company from concept to over $40 million in revenue. Gregg O'Conner at "Cloud Computing Power Panel" which took place during Cloud Computing Expo and streamed live to 60,000 viewers from SYS-CON.TV's Times Square studios. At Sonic, he evangelized and created the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) product category, which is generally accepted to... (more)

The Top 150 Players in Cloud Computing

Cloud Expo Early Bird Savings A robust ecosystem of solutions providers is emerging around cloud computing. Here, SYS-CON's Cloud Computing Journal expands its list of most active players in the fast-emerging Cloud Ecosystem, from the 'mere' 100 we identified back in January of this year, to half as many again - testimony, if any further were needed, to the fierce and continuing growth of the "Elastic IT" paradigm throughout the world of enterprise computing. Editorial note: The words in quotation marks used to describe the various services and solutions in this round-up are in every case taken from the Web sites cited. As ever we encourage software engineers, developers, IT operations managers, and new/growing companies in every case to "suck it and see" by downloading or otherwise sampling the offering in question for themselves. (Omissions to this Top 150 list sh... (more)

Following the Hurd

You've got to love a good story with drama about money, sex and revenge.  As everyone in the tech industry knows, that's exactly the kind of story playing out with Mark Hurd, the former CEO from HP.  I for one expect this story to have a happy ending for Oracle and Mark, as well as for AppZero.  Here's why. Under Hurd's leadership, HP has been the leader in sales of desktop computers since 2007, and laptop computers since 2006.  In 2008, again under the leadership of Hurd, HP saw its market share in inkjet and laser printers increase to 46% and 50.5%, respectively. Hurd is a tireless competitor.  He told a reporter from Fortune that he gets up every California morning at 4:45 a.m., without an alarm clock, because competitors on the east coast are already awake.[1] Love him or hate him, the impact of his leadership cannot be disputed.  When he started as CEO in 200... (more)

AppZero Discussed Transition to Cloud at Cloud & Virtualization Conference

Businesses investigating cloud computing learned how to move a mission-critical enterprise application from a datacenter to a cloud computing environment or between clouds, such as Amazon EC2 or GoGrid, at the Virtualization & Cloud Computing Conference & Expo in New York City. AppZero President and CEO Greg O'Connor addressed server application and portability as a means to ease the transition to cloud computing on Tues., March 31 at the Roosevelt Hotel. O'Connor demonstrated moving a three-tier application from a datacenter to a public cloud, and then to another cloud provider with the click of a mouse. In addition, O'Connor outlined how enterprises and ISVs can create Virtual Application Appliances (VAAs), an approach to packaging server applications with zero operating system, for delivery to any virtual environment. VAAs enable server applications such as web... (more)

VMware’s Genius: Doing Something Old

Virtualization Magazine on Ulitzer Here's my premise:  high impact, culture-bending technological innovations - however different they may be one from another - conform to a predictable template of evolution.  It goes something like this: 1.       Break-thru - The point of entry at which a technology breaks onto the market scene doing something old in a dramatically new way.  The break-thru vendor, frequently a modest sized venture or start-up, faces the uphill struggle to educate, and otherwise evangelize its would-be market.  It is an expensive, labor-intensive phase in which there the potential rewards are as high as the risk of failure.  Early adopters assume the risk of pioneering to gain substantial advantages in costs and/or performance. Greg O'Connor at the AppZero booth during 4th International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo, at Santa Clara Convention Cen... (more)

Good Fences Between Apps and OS Make Good Neighbors in the Cloud

AppZero Session at Cloud Expo Did you ever have the invisible dream?  I don't like it.  It's the one where I have "the answer" to a big problem (usually involving giant, malevolent aliens) but everyone walks right past me because I'm invisible. I had that feeling yesterday reading James Urquhart's blog titled, "Application packaging for cloud computing: A proposal". He'd written a series of posts considering deployment and operations in infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) environments. Looking at the impact of cloud computing on the use of virtual machines and operating systems, Urquhart wrote, "The very heart and soul of software systems design is being challenged by the decoupling of infrastructure architectures from the software architectures that run on them." Yes.  Exactly what I've been saying.  Exactly what AppZero does in ... (more)

Virtual Sprawl Is Not the Real Problem

Virtualization Magazine on Ulitzer As organizations ramp up their adoption of server virtualization, more and more are experiencing bottlenecks that slow them down, as well as the need for additional and unplanned funding, usually created by virtual sprawl. But while sprawl is the direct cause of unplanned expenses, it is not the real problem. Rather it's a symptom of something else. While attacking it directly may provide some short-term relief, like salve on an uncomfortable rash, it will come right back if the root causes are not eliminated. This article identifies the true source of virtual sprawl and demonstrates how it can be eradicated by treating the cause rather than the symptom. We will start by looking at the types of sprawl and the symptoms one can expect to see in a sprawled environment. From there we will look at the underlying causes of sprawl and fini... (more)

F5 Improves Customers’ IT Infrastructure Agility

F5 Networks on Tuesday announced availability of a free trial version of its new virtual appliance, the BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) Virtual Edition (VE). The combination of virtual and physical Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) is a major milestone in delivering on F5’s vision for dynamic IT infrastructure. The free trial is now available at With the addition of BIG-IP LTM VE to its market-leading family of ADC solutions, F5 extends its unique architectural approach for application and data delivery to include both physical and virtual appliances. This release gives developers and architects a new, efficient, and effective tool for modeling ADC deployments. The free trial version is downloadable online, reducing both the time and cost of evaluations. “The Application Delivery Network is the foundation for a flexible architect... (more)

Thin Provisioning Plus VMs - Armageddon in a Virtual Box?

YOU GET THE CALL AT 2AM. “Web Server XYZ is out of disk space” says the voice on the other end of the line in a tone that, at 2am, could pass for Scotty screaming “Capt’n! I don’t know how much longer I can ‘old her together!” And that’s just the beginning of your nightmare, for this is exactly the scenario that you implemented thin provisioning to avoid, and if it has come to pass anyway, then you know that… “And now server ABC is crashed!” the voice shouts, reminiscent of Scotty’s “She’s breakin’ up capt’n!” Except in your case, Scotty isn’t there to save the day. Or the night, as the case may be. Soon you have boxes dropping all over the data center, all with disk space problems. And it’s not even 8am yet. THIN PROVISIONING For those who don’t know, thin provisioning is the ability to tell a system it has a ton of disk, but have it only actually use what it needs r... (more)