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Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have been the subject of much discourse in the last several years. They were widely anticipated in the gaming and entertainment industries, but in marketing and corporate settings, the benefits were murky at best. Today, these technologies are becoming more of a reality in all areas of business. For example, the new IKEA® shopping app leverages augmented reality to help shoppers determine how certain popular items will look in their homes - no trip to a crowded megastore necessary. Marriott® deployed virtual reality for customers to see its hotel rooms around the world without having to actually travel, and KFC® and Walmart® are using virtual reality to train employees before they begin working. These use cases are interesting for consumers and for business leaders alike, but while the hype factor is as high as ever, ... (more)

Three Ways to Utilize Virtual Reality in Marketing Campaign | @CloudExpo #VR #Cloud #Virtualization

The impact of emerging technologies has taken the business by storm. Everyone is familiar with Virtual Reality and 360-degree virtual reality. The immersive experience offered by these emerging technologies have replaced the way people shopped, interact and have fun. Though, the virtual reality and 360-degree virtual reality are new in the marketing arena. Therefore, most of the marketers are not familiar with how to incorporate into marketing and sale strategy. The survival of any business in today’s world is only possible by integrating emerging technologies within the organization. In this article, we are going to discuss how to incorporate VR in your marketing campaigns. Create Compelling Stories Virtual reality is all about the immersive and mesmerizing experience that instigates the users. The big giants like YouTube and Facebook are already into 360-degree VR ... (more)

Virtualization Expo New York Call for Papers to Expire January 15, 2010

Virtualization Expo on Ulitzer Virtualization cuts across just about all that you might find in the today's data center: to one degree or another, clients, servers, applications, storage systems, data networks, and security can all now be virtualized. . By compressing multiple workloads onto a single physical server, Virtualization enables data centers to save tremendous amounts of money on hardware, power, cooling and floor space. For small and midsized enterprises, Virtualization can also help data centers tap into levels of fault tolerance previously enjoyed only by huge organizations. And chief executives are discovering that Virtualization has the potential not only to improve the balance sheet, but also to strengthen competitive advantage and put a shine on the corporate brand. Designing and managing IT environments independently from physical limitations is... (more)

The Encrypted Elephant in the Cloud Room

Anyone who’s been around cryptography for a while understands that secure key management is a critical foundation for any security strategy involving encryption. Back in the day it was SSL, and an entire industry of solutions grew up specifically aimed at protecting the key to the kingdom – the master key. Tamper-resistant hardware devices are still required for some US Federal security standards under the FIPS banner, with specific security protections at the network and software levels providing additional assurance that the ever important key remains safe. In many cases it’s advised that the master key is not even kept on the same premises as the systems that use it. It must be locked up, safely, offsite; transported via a secure briefcase, handcuffed to a security officer and guarded by dire wolves. With very, very big teeth. No, I am not exaggerating. At least ... (more)

“Move Your Mess for Less”; Solaris Modernization

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Much has been written about applications that are stranded on Solaris 2.6/7 OS and rare-as-unicorn hardware. In fact, much of it has been written by me. My trusty biz dev leader suggested that I take an ROI run on the topic in my next blog .... which is this one. But I just can't bring myself to do it. Why? Because I can't see building an elaborate spreadsheet showing how AppZero is the best option, when the choice is a no brainer that my 7 year old son could make. Let's play the model out and you tell me if a spreadsheet would help clarify the choices: 1.  Magical thinking: Just close your eyes and do nothing. The do nothing option has worked this far for you, hasn't it? And, in the statistically guaranteed eventuality that the hardware fails, you have a set of Bond-like people (James) ready to jump in with rapi... (more)

AppZero and CohesiveFT Announce Partnership

AppZero and CohesiveFT on Tuesday announced a partnership to enable enterprises to seamlessly and securely provision and run existing workloads across hybrid and federated clouds. Automating the provisioning and secure movement of Microsoft Windows server applications and topologies as Elastic Enterprise Applications (EEA) lets IT operations utilize any cloud, whenever - for as long or short a timeframe - as business dictates. The result is an elastic computing environment that grows and shrinks to accommodate changing enterprise requirements. The integration of AppZero's application virtualization with CohesiveFT's workload automation and cloud network virtualization makes it easy to provision Windows enterprise server applications and topologies as quickly and easily as an app store. Movement is then seamless from the datacenter to any cloud, across cloud segment... (more)

Greg O'Connor to Present AppZero Data Center at Cloud Computing Conference

Cloud Computing Expo on Ulitzer AppZero's CEO Greg O'Connor will be a featured speaker at SYS-CON's 4th annual Cloud Computing Conference, which is co-located at the Santa Clara Convention Center with the 7th International Virtualization Conference & Expo November 2-4. O'Connor's session is entitled, "Case Study: Fortune100 data center provisions to and from * Cloud with Virtual Application Appliances." In this session, O'Connor will detail the real-world experience of an AppZero Fortune 100 customer using a single gold server-application image for cross-domain provisioning of the data center, to multiple clouds and back. The ability to move server-based applications across VMs -VMware, Xen, and Hyper-V - without any modifications freed this Fortune 100 company from infrastructure lock-in. Greg examines the multiplier effect of that freedom across the data center to... (more)

Thin Provisioning Plus VMs - Armageddon in a Virtual Box?

YOU GET THE CALL AT 2AM. “Web Server XYZ is out of disk space” says the voice on the other end of the line in a tone that, at 2am, could pass for Scotty screaming “Capt’n! I don’t know how much longer I can ‘old her together!” And that’s just the beginning of your nightmare, for this is exactly the scenario that you implemented thin provisioning to avoid, and if it has come to pass anyway, then you know that… “And now server ABC is crashed!” the voice shouts, reminiscent of Scotty’s “She’s breakin’ up capt’n!” Except in your case, Scotty isn’t there to save the day. Or the night, as the case may be. Soon you have boxes dropping all over the data center, all with disk space problems. And it’s not even 8am yet. THIN PROVISIONING For those who don’t know, thin provisioning is the ability to tell a system it has a ton of disk, but have it only actually use what it needs r... (more)

Load Balancing 101 Nuts and Bolts

Load balancing technology is alive and well; in fact, it is the basis from which today’s Application Deliver Controllers (ADCs) operate. But the pervasiveness of load balancing technology does not mean it is universally understood, nor is it typically discussed other than from a basic, network-centric viewpoint. In a more thorough exploration of the subject, this white paper intends to strip away some of the mystery and magic from basic load balancing practices. You can download the full whitepaper from load-balancing101-wp.pdf Download now or listen on posterous AudioWP_-_Load_Balancing_101_Nuts_and_Bolts.mp3 (20698 KB)   ... (more)

The F5 Powered Cloud

F5 products and solutions enable organizations and cloud providers alike to build a strong infrastructure foundation that maximizes the use of resources while remaining agile enough to support both traditional and cloud computing architectures. The dynamic nature of F5 products enables organizations to build a cloud computing architecture that best suits their needs—whether the end goal is a public cloud offering or a private cloud implementation.  Running time: 28:30   Read full white paper here.   Download now or listen on posterous AudioWP_-_The_F5_Powered_Cloud.mp3 (31187 KB)   And click here for more F5 Audio ps twitter: @psilvas Technorati Tags: F5, infrastructure 2.0, integration, cloud connect, Pete Silva, security, business, education, technology, application delivery, intercloud, cloud, context-aware, infrastructure 2.0, automation, web, internet Poste... (more)

F5 Tutorial: BIG-IP APM with SecureAuth

This video demonstrates the flexibility of BIG-IP Access Policy Manager and integration with SecureAuth, which provides two-factor authentication using SSL certificates. F5's Tony Torzillo shows how these integrate with the AD server to allow you to login to the AD server, and it will then retrieve the user's phone number and email and allow them to authenticate via a text message, voice call, or email as stored in their AD policy. For more videos, check out F5's YouTube channel. BIG-IP APM with SecureAuth ps twitter: @psilvas Technorati Tags: F5, infrastructure 2.0, integration, cloud connect, Pete Silva, security, business, education, technology, application delivery, intercloud, cloud, context-aware, infrastructure 2.0, automation, web, internet ... (more)