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Cloud Expo Early Bird Savings A robust ecosystem of solutions providers is emerging around cloud computing. Here, SYS-CON's Cloud Computing Journal expands its list of most active players in the fast-emerging Cloud Ecosystem, from the 'mere' 100 we identified back in January of this year, to half as many again - testimony, if any further were needed, to the fierce and continuing growth of the "Elastic IT" paradigm throughout the world of enterprise computing. Editorial note: The words in quotation marks used to describe the various services and solutions in this round-up are in every case taken from the Web sites cited. As ever we encourage software engineers, developers, IT operations managers, and new/growing companies in every case to "suck it and see" by downloading or otherwise sampling the offering in question for themselves. (Omissions to this Top 150 list sh... (more)

Occupy Cloud! Movement Set to Occupy Cloud Expo

As Occupy Wall Street went global mixing grievance with entitlement, the movement quickly became the melting pot for all things protest-able. Taking to the streets with euros, dollars, and yens taped across their mouths demonstrators marched, camped, and otherwise deplored the unfairness of reality. "But, who will speak up for production enterprise applications?" I thought.  "The reality is that 99% of production enterprise applications are still earth-bound ... not on the cloud. Those greedy, lightweight dev/test use cases are monopolizing the cloud." The paradigm-busting, world-changing Cloud technology is enslaved to the business as usual purposes of low-risk development and test sand boxes. Meanwhile, the blood and guts applications that are the DNA of enterprise productivity languish in the land of roll-your-own IT operations. Bring me a tent and set up a por... (more)

The Best Day to Blog Experiment – Day 3

If you missed the past two days, welcome to The Best Day to Blog Experiment; you are now a participant.  For the first time readers, I’ve come across many stories about when is the best day/time to get the most readership exposure from a blog post and I figured I’d do my own little brief, non-scientific experiment.  The idea is to blog everyday this week, track the results and report back next week.  Thanks for becoming a statistic.  Yesterday, I noted that it was important to have a good opening line to grab your readers, yet I’ve repeated this exact opening 3 days in a row.  I’m wondering if this will have any influence on the results.  I guess that’s part of the test – follow the rules, break the rules and see what happens.  I’m now on Day 3 of the experiment and so far Day 1 (Monday) actually got some good traction and Day 2 (Tuesday) is trending well with a 6... (more)

The Encrypted Elephant in the Cloud Room

Anyone who’s been around cryptography for a while understands that secure key management is a critical foundation for any security strategy involving encryption. Back in the day it was SSL, and an entire industry of solutions grew up specifically aimed at protecting the key to the kingdom – the master key. Tamper-resistant hardware devices are still required for some US Federal security standards under the FIPS banner, with specific security protections at the network and software levels providing additional assurance that the ever important key remains safe. In many cases it’s advised that the master key is not even kept on the same premises as the systems that use it. It must be locked up, safely, offsite; transported via a secure briefcase, handcuffed to a security officer and guarded by dire wolves. With very, very big teeth. No, I am not exaggerating. At least ... (more)

Virtualization Expo New York Call for Papers to Expire January 15, 2010

Virtualization Expo on Ulitzer Virtualization cuts across just about all that you might find in the today's data center: to one degree or another, clients, servers, applications, storage systems, data networks, and security can all now be virtualized. . By compressing multiple workloads onto a single physical server, Virtualization enables data centers to save tremendous amounts of money on hardware, power, cooling and floor space. For small and midsized enterprises, Virtualization can also help data centers tap into levels of fault tolerance previously enjoyed only by huge organizations. And chief executives are discovering that Virtualization has the potential not only to improve the balance sheet, but also to strengthen competitive advantage and put a shine on the corporate brand. Designing and managing IT environments independently from physical limitations is... (more)

Cloud Computing and Application Mobility

AppZero Session at Cloud Expo Busy, busy month for those of you keeping score, and I don't mean the final gold medal count. But, now that I've nodded to the Olympics, congratulations to both team Canada and team USA on the best hockey game I've ever seen. Ever.  And I'm from Boston, home of the sometimes brilliant Bruins. Greg O'Connor at the AppZero Booth at Cloud Expo 2009 West, Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley. No, the game I've been watching is a tectonic shift of cloud ecosystem money move toward application mobility: Makara - funded by Shasta Ventures, Sierra Ventures, as well as the market-moving Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz -- threw back the cloak of stealth. (Makara Leverages Virtualization to Simplify Cloud Application Management) According to the release, "Makara provides easy on-boarding to the cloud. With Makara's Cloud Application Pl... (more)

Global Distributed Service in the Cloud with F5 And VMware

In this white paper we discuss using F5 BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager to orchestrate and deliver access to services in the cloud.   Download now or listen on posterous AudioWP_-_Global_Distributed_Service_in_the_Cloud_with_F5_and_VMware.mp3 (19141 KB) ... (more)

Optimize and Accelerate Applications Across the WAN

Although networks have improved over time, application traffic has increased at an alarming rate. Bandwidth-efficient client server applications have been replaced with bandwidth-demanding web applications, which can put a strain on your infrastructure.  Where previous-generation client server transactions involved tens of kilobytes of data, rich web-based portal applications can transfer hundreds of kilobytes per transaction—and with the explosion of social media and video, megabytes per transaction is not uncommon.  This bandwidth-hungry society, in which people often watch videos right on their mobile devices, can have both a financial and technical effect on the infrastructure needed to deliver such large pieces of content.  Maximize your network and application delivery with WAN optimization.  Running Time: 20:50  Read full white paper here.  And click here for... (more)

Secure iPhone Access to Corporate Web Applications

The way corporations operate around mobile devices is currently shifting — employees are starting to use their own devices for business purposes, rather than company-owned devices. With no direct control of the endpoints, IT departments have generally had to prohibit this or risk insecure access inside the firewall. But as more mobile devices appear on the corporate network, mobile device management has become a key IT initiative.  This technical brief describes how the BIG-IP Edge Portal app for iOS devices provides simple, streamlined access to web applications that reside behind BIG-IP APM, without requiring full VPN access, to simplify login for users and provide a new layer of control for administrators.  Running Time: 18:54  Read full white paper here.  And click here for more F5 Audio.   Download now or listen on posterous AudioTB_Secure_iPhone_Access_to_Corp... (more)

RSA2011 F5 Partner Spotlight – OPSWAT

We meet with OPSWAT’s CEO Benny Czarny to talk about the F5 partnership and Steven Gill, VP Engineering, gives us a demo of some of their new technologies. ps Resources: F5 YouTube Channel F5 Partner Page OPSWAT Technorati Tags: F5, RSA, Pete Silva, security, business, education, technology, internet, cybercrime Connect with Peter: Connect with F5: ... (more)

The Risk Problem: 'If It Ain’t Broke . . . It Will Be'

The battle cry of IT brinksmanship, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," means that risk has triumphed over cost. This fate is commonplace for legacy applications which can be found sitting on an outdated/unsupported box, running on ancient OS sporting a "Do Not Touch" sign. Not important enough to fix; too important to fail. These applications are at risk of failure.  And everyone knows it. AppZero offers an alternative that changes the risk/cost math by eliminating the risk at a slashed cost/effort - with no re-engineering or coding required. Over the last few years, we have helped a number of significant IT operations use our application virtualization solution to migrate their legacy Solaris applications onto newer systems that are reliable and powerful systems. Prior to learning about AppZero, these organizations lived with risk hunting spare parts for their har... (more)