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Cloud Expo Early Bird Savings A robust ecosystem of solutions providers is emerging around cloud computing. Here, SYS-CON's Cloud Computing Journal expands its list of most active players in the fast-emerging Cloud Ecosystem, from the 'mere' 100 we identified back in January of this year, to half as many again - testimony, if any further were needed, to the fierce and continuing growth of the "Elastic IT" paradigm throughout the world of enterprise computing. Editorial note: The words in quotation marks used to describe the various services and solutions in this round-up are in every case taken from the Web sites cited. As ever we encourage software engineers, developers, IT operations managers, and new/growing companies in every case to "suck it and see" by downloading or otherwise sampling the offering in question for themselves. (Omissions to this Top 150 list sh... (more)

A Green Architectural Strategy That Puts IT in the Black

Download now or listen on posterousAudioWP_-_A_Green_Architectural_Strategy_That_Puts_IT_in_the_Black.mp3 (17452 KB)   Green computing tends to focus on individual servers and devices, but even greater benefits can be realized with an architectural strategy that leverages green computing practices across the data center. You can download the full white paper from here: green-architecture-wp.pdff ... (more)

Oracle OpenWorld 2010 – Optimize Oracle Database Replication

Peter Silva visits with F5′s Chris Akker to discuss & whiteboard F5′s solution to Optimize, Accelerate, Secure and Offload Oracle Database Replication with BIG-IP LTM and the WAN Optimization Module (WOM). ps Technorati Tags: F5, infrastructure 2.0, integration, Pete Silva, security, business, education, technology, application delivery, cloud, virtualization, oracle, oow twitter: @psilvas   ... (more)

Amazon EC2, Solaris 2.6, and the San Andreas Fault

As it turned out, the brilliance and competence of Amazon's technocracy were no match for simple human error. An incorrect manual update to the network set up a domino effect of Catch-22-esque compound failures to Amazon's EBS (Elastic Block Store) details of which can be found in a 6 page explanation the company offered last week. Although cloud naysayers will no doubt try to make this event the poster child for Luddite agendas, it won't work. Data was lost. Business was lost. News was made. But overall, the fallout has not been too bad as users have quickly come forward to stand by Amazon and the choice to use its services. And the risk was largely knowable. As Jason posted in an article On Cascading Failures and Amazon's Elastic Block Store "This is not a "speed bump" or a "cloud failure" or "growing pains", this is a foreseeable consequence of fundamental archit... (more)

Who Invented Virtualization?

VAA on Ulitzer We've all been there.  Minding our own business in a local establishment, when a discussion's heat rises to the level of a sporting bet.  Sides are chosen, money plunked down, combatants await the reveal.  Other than adult beverages, the thing these bets seem to have in common is that the winning fact generally runs against commonly held assumptions. Here's a winner for you: Q:  What company "invented" virtualization technology? A:  The long defunct Burroughs Corporation first brought mainframe virtualization to market in the 1960s.  But it was not until the then laggard IBM brought it to their 360 line in the 1970s that the concept was legitimized. I'm willing to make this little bet with you:  Most people of a certain age are more than willing to bet folding green that IBM ‘invented' virtualization.  Gen-any-letters will bet VMware with confidence.... (more)

How Can You Move Apps Between Private and Public Clouds?

Greg O'Connor on Ulitzer Three of the chattiest executives on God's green earth were struck suddenly speechless when the Q&A segment of their VCE coalition announcement produced a straight forward question from customer Joseph Hooks (at point 48:50 in the announcement). Question: "Will we be able to seamlessly move (applications) between in-house vblocks (private clouds) and service provider vblocks (public clouds)?" There was complete silence. There were multiple fingers that swiftly and decisively pointed to Paul Maritz of VMware There was silence. There was nervous laughter from the audience There was nervous laughter and jocular comments from the panel (Virtual Computing Environment coalition executives: Ciscos' John Chambers, EMC's Joe Tucci, and VMware's Paul Maritz.). There was seat squirming and there were darting glances between the executives. There was t... (more)

AppZero Founder Launches Virtual Application Appliances Topic on Ulitzer

Greg O'Connor, President & CEO of AppZero launched today Virtual Application Appliances (VAA) topic on Ulitzer. O'Connor is pioneering the Virtual Application Appliance approach to simplifying application-lifecycle management. He is responsible for translating AppZero's vision into strategic business objectives and financial results. He has over 25 years of management and technical experience in the computer industry. Greg was founder and president of Sonic Software, acquired in 2005 by Progress Software (PRGS). There he grew the company from concept to over $40 million in revenue. Gregg O'Conner at "Cloud Computing Power Panel" which took place during Cloud Computing Expo and streamed live to 60,000 viewers from SYS-CON.TV's Times Square studios. At Sonic, he evangelized and created the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) product category, which is generally accepted to... (more)

Comparing Virtualization Technologies

Virtualization Magazine on Ulitzer In this excerpt, we begin our exploration of several popular virtualization strategies and explain how each works. The aim is to bring you the operational information you need to make informed choices for your strategy. Each vendor's software has its own interface (console); its own methods of building, importing, and altering virtual machines (VM); and its own idiosyncrasies, tweaks, and tools. This excerpt gives you a vendor-neutral but technical overview of the types of virtualization available. We approach the various types of virtualization from an application and performance perspective - in other words, a practical look at each technology and its implication for you. Each section also includes at least two representative examples of that technology. Guest OS/Host OS Virtualization aficionados perhaps know Guest OS/Host OS as ... (more)

Geolocation and Application Delivery

The data from Geolocation providers offers highly valuable data to a variety of stakeholders and is no longer just for advertising. You can download the full white paper from here: geolocation-wp.pdf Download now or listen on posterous AudioWP_-_Geolocation_and_Application_Delivery.mp3 (14187 KB)   ... (more)

Global Distributed Service in the Cloud with F5 And VMware

In this white paper we discuss using F5 BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager to orchestrate and deliver access to services in the cloud.   Download now or listen on posterous AudioWP_-_Global_Distributed_Service_in_the_Cloud_with_F5_and_VMware.mp3 (19141 KB) ... (more)

AppZero and OpSource Partner

Server application virtualization pioneer AppZero and OpSource, a provider of enterprise cloud and managed hosting, on Wednesday announced a partnership that will make it easy for enterprises and independent software vendors (ISVs) to move their server-based Microsoft and SAP applications from the datacenter to the OpSource Cloud, a cloud service for companies requiring pay-as-you-go flexibility and 100% availability as well as high security and control. "Our customers have been asking for a simple way to move Microsoft and SAP applications to the cloud quickly and cost-effectively, and we're pleased to team with AppZero to bring them the best solution possible," said Keao Caindec, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, OpSource. "This partnership is an example of the powerful technology that can be built by taking an ecosystem approach to cloud-building." The OpSource ... (more)